The first transcriptomic analysis of zygotic embryo development in a conifer species

pinus-pinaster-male-cone1.jpgUnderstanding the molecular regulation of embryo development in gymnosperms will have great utility for the improvement of conifers and their vegetative propagation through somatic embryogenesis.

In this study (de Vega.Bartol et. al. BMC 2013) an analysis of functional categories for genes that were differentially expressed through embryogenesis highlighted several epigenetic regulation mechanisms. Epigenetic regulation and transcriptional control related to auxin transport and response are critical during early to mid stages of pine embryogenesis. Further work should focus on the earliest stages of pine zygotic embryo development, before dominant embryos are identified. An expanded knowledge of conifer genomes will also be essential to further understand the molecular basis for characteristic features of embryogenesis in gymnosperms… click here to read more


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