Wkie_Grünerfleck_GOLL5European forests are unthinkable without Conifers. They have immense ecological and economic importance as they dominate many terrestrial landscapes, form an integral part of the temperate forest and are an inseparable part of the global carbon cycle. The threats posed by global warming, depletion by certain diseases and pests, fires, as well as harvesting rates exceeding regeneration, either naturally or artificially, are all important reasons for investigating and increasing our knowledge on the mechanisms underlining the expression of important adaptive and productive traits in our forest species. The latest technological advancements and innovations in genetic engineering and molecular biology can provide tree breeders with tools for precise selection and help gear up for the future global climatic change scenario. They can also facilitate the maintenance of high quality standards of European forests as sustainable production tools. ProCoGen– “Promoting a functional and comparative understanding of the conifer genome- implementing applied aspects for more productive and adaptive forests” is one such collaborative initiative that not only aims at integrating the activities of 19 European research groups, across 11 European nations involved in the ongoing international conifer genome research, but also aspires to strengthen international collaboration beyond the continent with 2 research groups  in  Canada.

ProCoGen is a 4 year project officially launched on the 1st. of Jan. 2012. It is supported by EC funding under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
For more information please contact:


Prof. Carmen DÍAZ SALA
University of Alcala
Plaza de San Diego
Alcala De Henares
Email: carmen.diazsala@uah.es

Dr. Maria-Teresa CERVERA
Carretera de La Coruna Km 7.5
Email: cervera@inia.es

Project Dissemination

Dr. Berthold Heinze & Dr. Vedhu Krystufek
Seckendorff-Gudent Weg 8, 1131 Vienna
Email: berthold.heinze@bfw.gv.at; vedhu.krystufek@bfw.gv.at

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